Pasta – it’s not just for spaghetti anymore

First of all, I have a very exciting announcement to make!!  I’ve decided on nicknames for my family members!!  I know you’ve been agonizing ALL DAY over what names I would choose!  Well, my friends, the big moment has arrived!


Drama Queen!!  Drama Queen is a darling, bouncy, joyful 4YO girl, who has been pretending to be various characters from books since she was, oh, around 12 months old.  (Seriously, one of her very first words was giant.  She kept calling herself something, and I couldn’t figure out what she was saying.  She opened a book to a picture of “David and the Giant,” pointed at the giant, and looked me in the eyes to say, “See, Mommy, I’m Giant.”)

Mr. BANG!!  Mr. BANG is a cuddly, lovable, completely adorable 2YO who is working to master every sound effect he can create.  He loves to ask, “You hear that sound, Mommy?”  His favorite word in the English language is BANG.  He is quite the expert at working it into any conversation.  In fact, he and Drama Queen frequently have entire conversations which consist of nothing but the words “BANG” and “BOOM.”

The Brain!!  That would be my man, my protector, my bug killer, my stress reliever, my provider of all helpful and pointless information.  I don’t know how it’s possible to be as smart as he is.  Would you believe that in college he took a course where he only showed up for class on exam days – and finished out the semester with an A.  Ridiculous!

And now, on with the show!

My friend Rebekah sent me a pic yesterday of this super-cool pasta construction zone she had made for her 2YO.  I told her immediately that I was stealing the idea.

So…guess what my kids did all day?

I think Rebekah had used a cardboard box for hers, but I decided to use our sand/water play table.  I set it up first thing after breakfast.  Mr. BANG played in it pretty much non-stop from breakfast to dinner (excluding some potty breaks, food breaks, and a nap break, of course).

Drama Queen didn’t play in it quite that much, but she did spend a significant amount of time with it!  They even did a great job cleaning up all the pieces of pasta from the floor of the deck!

It’s a quick and easy activity to throw together – and it helps you clean out your pantry at the same time!

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