Cheap Catch at the Community Center

The other day while leaving a local community center, I noticed an empty shelf sitting out in the hallway.   It seemed like a perfect Montessori shelf, so I went to the front desk and asked if it was available.  I was really hoping I could just take it home for free, but that wasn’t quite the case.  The director actually didn’t know where it had come from, but cheerfully told me she’d make some phone calls.  A couple hours later, she called back and said it’s mine for $35.  I couldn’t turn that down!

I have now gotten it cleaned up and put in place (this picture was when I first brought it home).  I’m planning to use it for Practical Life materials;  I’ll probably use the very top shelf just for Drama Queen since it’s out of reach for Mr. BANG.

One thing that’s funny about it is that the general shape of it looks like a child-size upright piano.  (You can see that better from the side than from the front, which this photo shows.)  I didn’t notice that until I got it in place – pretty much right next to our piano.

I love it and am so excited to put it to use!!

Oh, and as a side note, can I tell you a wonderful story of small-town living?  When I picked up the shelf, I was on my own with the kids.  I managed to get the shelf out to my van, but then was unsure of how to get it up IN the van.  A sacred bucket truck (Mr. BANG goes crazy over bucket trucks) happened to be driving by.  He pulled over and asked, “Would you like some help with that, Ma’m?” as he stepped out of his truck.  He helped me lift it up in the van, then went on his way with an upbeat, “Have a good one!”  I love living in a town where even strangers are so friendly and helpful!

(We moved from the DC area to TN a little over a year ago.  BIG difference!!!)

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