People read this thing?!

A few years ago, I had this adorable red-headed baby girl who was always doing adorable things.  Since we lived twelve hours from the nearest relative, I had a brilliant idea to start a blog.  Of course my relatives were dying to see new pictures of her every day and learn that she rolled over for the first time or held a book by herself for the first time.  Or so I assumed.  Since it was all about my precious baby, and included many, many photos, I kept it private and sent the password information just to family and some close friends.

Well, it wasn’t quite the hit that I expected.  After three months, I had a total of two readers on a regular basis.  Two.  I quit messing with the hassle of the blog.

Jump forward to exactly one month ago, on an evening when The Brain was working late, the house was a complete mess, and I seriously didn’t want to touch the mountain of dishes.  So…I sat down and started a blog.  I didn’t necessarily have any purpose for it.  It just sounded like a fun thing to do at the moment.

What I discovered is that I LOVE writing!  I used to love writing.  All through elementary, middle, high school, and college, I absolutely loved writing.  Even before I could read, I would check out large stacks of library books and sit on the living room floor making up the stories to go along with the pictures.  Apparently I had the librarians fooled that I was reading at three years old, because they saw me doing the same thing at the little round table in the library.

But since college, I’ve really had no desire to write.  I was too busy teaching my precious third graders how to write and multiply and all that to actually take time for me to write.

So I spontaneously started this blog and started writing.  I wrote more than expected. (I originally thought this post would be maybe 150 words and I’m up to 336 right now.)  I’ve had so much fun sitting down and writing each day, and thinking through the day of other things I could write.

It was a blog, so I posted links each time on fb in case somebody out there cared to read it.  I didn’t expect much.  Maybe a few friends would look at it now and then.  I honestly expected to hear, “That’s cool that you have a blog.  Sorry I haven’t read it yet.  I want to at some point, but I just don’t have much extra time.”  And that would have been okay – I was just enjoying writing out some of my parenting thoughts.

Now, after one month, I am stunned by how many people are reading this thing!  In the second and third week, there was an average of 12 views a day on the blog.  It was surprising to me that so many people were looking at it.  Since then, in the last week and a half, there has been an average of 56 views per day!  What?  Are you kidding me?  As of this minute, there have been 983 views total.  Only 17 shy of a 1,000!  In a month!

Even more mind-blowing to me are some of the comments I’ve been receiving.  People are telling me how great the blog is and how helpful it is to them.  People are telling others about it and sharing posts on facebook.

Guys, I am truly honored.  I know you don’t have any spare time in your day.  I know you’re constantly going, trying to get from here to there, and deal with this emergency and that urgency, and staring in dread at all the house clean-up you have to do.  And for some reason you’re taking time in your day to read the little thoughts that pop out of my brain onto the computer screen.

Thank you.  I consider it a great honor.





(My favorite place to sit and blog.)

6 thoughts on “People read this thing?!

  1. I love this, I kind of feel the same way you do! Like I started writing and then blogging – on accident. Now it has become way better and cheaper 🙂 than therapy! Ha.

  2. Joy, you’re the first person to post on my blog who I haven’t already known! Thanks! 🙂

    Yes, this post does sound somewhat similar to your “Book One” post. Good luck with your writing and your books! Fun stuff, this writing thing! (Although I’ll leave the books to you. 😉 )

    How long have you been blogging?

  3. It’s fun to read your blog! You are so passionate about child development that I feel like I get to cheat on researching it myself by reading your stuff 🙂 And you make me laugh! And I like getting more of a peek into your life than status updates on FB give us. It’s great to have the writer in you make an appearance again.

  4. Jk, I’ve been blogging since August 31st this year. I’ve just been writing this memoir of our family and Alzheimer’s since my Grandpa died on December 26th 2010. I was holding his hand and we were in his bedroom. It was devistatingly beautiful. I really look forward to more of your posts 🙂

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