DIY Felt Rolls

I decided to take advantage of a long car ride recently to work on a project I’ve had in mind for awhile.  I’m always on the lookout for things that will be entertaining for the kids on long car rides or other occasions when they have to sit still for an extended period of time.  The old Flannel Boards from my childhood Sunday School days came to mind.  Perfect!  Time to make my own Felt Rolls!

I made a few simple ones during that car ride.

descending shape sizes

variety of shapes

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (I was doing this free-hand in the car, so the letters aren’t perfect…or lower-case as in the book.)

scrap pieces to use as their imagination leads them

I have them each individually rolled and wrapped, ready to go.

I’m keeping them in a bag in the storage closet so I can grab and go when we’re running late.  (As if I’m ever not running late!)

I also plan to make Felt Rolls of some of their favorite stories, such as Peter and the Wolf, The Three Bears, Little House on the Prairie, Winnie the Pooh, etc. For those, I think I’ll find pictures on-line, print them out, glue them on felt, then cut around the edges of the character.  Otherwise, my lack of artistic skills would make all characters unrecognizable!!

Around Christmas, I’ll make one that depicts the story of Jesus’ birth.  I’ll do other Bible stories they love, too, such as Daniel and the Lion’s Den (their current favorite).

I also love the idea of gluing photos of family members onto felt and making family Felt Rolls.  I may make one of our immediate family, one of my side of the family, and one of The Brain’s side of the family.

Obviously, I have no intent of making those all in the next week, but overtime it will be nice to add a new one here and there.

What other ideas do you have for fun Felt Rolls?

8 thoughts on “DIY Felt Rolls

  1. Wait, what do you do with them when you have all the little pictures cut out? Can they put the pieces wherever they want or something? I’m trying to remember how the felt thing works back from my Sunday School days 😉 Have your kids played with them yet and if so, what did they think of them?

    • Yes, they can use their imaginations with the pieces. They can use them to act our stories or make pictures or whatever they want.

      My kids have used them once so far and were pretty fascinated for awhile. Of course, we’ve already lost N and X from the alphabet! The good thing about them being homemade is that I can easily replace them!

  2. Jenny, I looove the Chicka Chicka one!!!! That has been one of my kids’ favorite books, and I bought the 1-2-3 book after you gave us the ABC one. 🙂 I think I might do this for my little guys! What a great idea! Another idea might be to make one with more letters for them to build words, or for more advanced, words to make sentences. 🙂

    • I forgot that I introduced you to Chicka Chicka!
      I definitely like the ideas for more letters for writing words, and words for writing sentences – kind of like the poetry magnet things.

  3. And you’re so lucky that you can make such good use of car time. I remember in college, while you were all able to get some reading and studying done, I had to just sit there sucking on a peppermint, trying not to get sick! And I think it was you who told me about peppermints for car sickness — that has been a life-saver! (no pun intended — get it, life-saver candy???) I now keep peppermints in the car for Natalie because she seems to feel queasy a lot in the car.

    • I don’t even remember studying in the car with you in college. When was that?
      And, yes, peppermints are definitely a life-saver (you silly girl, with your puns!) in the car!

  4. Izzy has a ballet felt board. It has a red curtain, bar, three girls with different colored hair, and different colored leotards and tutus.

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