I Fought the Clutter, and I Won

I did it!!

You may remember that a month ago, I sheepishly shared a photo of the clutter in my playroom storage closet.  Well, unfortunately it just kept getting worse and worse.  I had trouble getting to appropriate bins to put something away, so I just set it down…wherever.  Clutter was rising higher and higher on the floor and every horizontal surface.

So last weekend when The Brain was out of town, it was my time to fight with that clutter.  It took me several hours, but after a challenging battle (and several episodes of my favorite radio show, New Life Live), I defeated the enemy!  I fought the good fight and I won!!

Okay, really it was absolutely not that big of a deal.

So, what I wanted to ask is, would you please just humor me and look at my pictures of the closet and marvel over how clean, beautiful, and doggone useful it looks?  I can even give you the words.  How about this:  “Jenny,* that is the most amazing storage closet ever in the history of storage closets!”  Yes, I think that could work.  Thanks!

I didn’t think to take a “before” shot (I didn’t realize cleaning a closet was going to become a blog post), but here’s all the misplaced stuff, before putting it back where it actually belongs.

My beautiful closet after putting everything away.

My teacher’s cabinet got a little touch-up as well.

I added in another shelf – the one on the left.  The new shelf I got at the community center had taken its place, so it found a new home in the playroom.  (The Brain made that for me, by the way.  Three of them, actually.  Love having a handy man for a hubby!)

I also took advantage of the opportunity to rotate toys.

Of course, when there are trains around, who cares about any other toys?!

*When your name is Jenny, you don’t need a nickname on a blog.  When 51% of the female population between ages 20 and 60 share your name, there’s just nothing revealing about it.  Besides, the writer of my absolute favorite blog of all time, Cake Wrecks, lets the world know that she’s Jen.  I’ll stick with her plan.  😉

4 thoughts on “I Fought the Clutter, and I Won

  1. Jenny, that is the most amazing storage closet ever in the history of storage closets!

    I seriously have closet envy. And now, I’m off to go de-clutter something myself!

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