Book Review: My Name is Not Isabella

I’ve given one of my children a blog nickname of Drama Queen, but at this point, both children spend most of the day pretending to be this character or the next.  They both have gone through a stage (which Mr. BANG is still in currently) where they were/are quite adamant about me ONLY calling them by their current character name.  Since that changes on a minute-by-minute basis, and name changes are not reported to me, that can be rather challenging to do.  And a bit aggravating.

My friend Susie, after hearing these tales, pulled a book off her bookshelf and handed it across the coffee table.  The book was My Name is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry and Mike Litwin.  I immediately read it to her 4 year old daughter and was floored by how similar it was to what happens on a regular basis in our household!

Throughout the book, the little girl, Isabella, responds to a question by her mother by proclaiming, “My name is not Isabella!”  (Sounds familiar.)  The mom asks a clarification question, such as, “Then who will eat this fine breakfast I cooked?”  Then the little girl names off whichever character she is at that moment.  The really neat twist on it is that every persona she chooses is actually a real lady from history.  Astronaut Sally Ride, sharpshooter Annie Oakley, activist Rosa Parks, scientist Marie Curie, and doctor Elizabeth Blackwell all make appearances in this book.  There is also a mini biography of each person at the end of the book.

The illustrations are a bit odd – Isabella has purple hair, her toy mouse has button eyes that frequently seem to bit floating in the air just off his face, and the shadow representations of Isabella’s mom are just…strange.  This is certainly not a book I would buy for the beauty of the illustrations, but they’re not so bad that they distract majorly from the story.

There is also a boy version of the book, titled My Name is Not Alexander.   I have not had the opportunity to read that book yet, but from what I’ve seen on Amazon, the historical men featured include Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Edison, Chief Joseph, Fred Astaire, and Jackie Robinson.

Since this book is a perfect representation of our family, and since I love the tie-in to important people from the past, I immediately decided to make this our Book of the Month Club* selection for November.  I can’t wait to share this one with Mr. BANG and Drama Queen!

*I always love the idea of Book of the Month Clubs, and remember them fondly from my own childhood.  However, I know the specific types of books I prefer and what books tie in with our home and what we’re learning about and focusing on.  Therefore, I decided to make our own Book of the Month Club.  I choose one book each month and send it via Amazon, addressed to them with a subtitle of Book of the Month Club.

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