Activity Jars

I don’t think any mom of young kids has been in my house more than five minutes without asking about one item:  my activity jars.  The three colorful jars sit on a counter right next to the kitchen, and I guess they are just good attention-getters.

I have three of these jars:  Let’s Eat, Activities and Games, and Oh, the Places We’ll Go.  Each is filled with small strips of paper, with different things written on them within their category.

I pulled out three randomly from each jar to give you a taste of the possibilities.  In Let’s Eat, I drew “dip a banana in chocolate and freeze,”  “make an edible necklace (Cheerios, fruit loops, etc),” and “make orange juice.”

From Activities and Games, I drew “do something nice for someone else,” “create puzzles from drawings/puzzles,” and “play freeze dance.”

From Oh the Places We’ll Go, I pulled out “bounce house,” “visit neighbors,” and “Althaus Park.”

Usually during the weekend as I’m putting my calendar together for the next week, I allow the children to draw a certain number out of specific jars (based on how much we have going on that week), then I choose when they will fit best within the upcoming week’s calendar.

I originally saw this idea on another blog as Summer Activity Jars and thought it was awesome!  I set up the jars for summer, but the children and I like them so much, we’ve continued using them during the school year.  It’s fun to have a few special things added into the week!

The original website includes her own lists of strip possibilities, as well as the labels.  If you’re interested in the jars, definitely check out her site – she makes it much easier!  I used a lot of her food and activity suggestions, but mainly did my own field trip slips, since that can be very different in different areas.

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