I WON!!!!!!

There has recently been an an amazing contest on Living Montessori Now to win one of three absolutely beautiful materials from Alison’s Montessori:

Land and Water Form Cabinet

Premium Leaf Cabinet

Geometric Cabinet

I have been working a step at a time to make my own Geometric Cabinet.  The way I’ve been making them has been working well, but the space issue has been a problem.  And I wasn’t really looking forward to Drawer 4, which would include making regular polygons from a pentagon (5 equal sides) to a decagon (10 equal sides).

I also did a DIY version of the Land and Water Forms – forming them in the backyard using sand and water.  Again, that has worked well, but it would be nice to have them available year round, and on a regular basis for the children to repeat the work whenever they desired.

The Botany Cabinet (called Leaf Cabinet in this case) is one I had decided to skip with my children, but would love to do it if I was given the cabinet.

So I worked persistently in trying to win one of these!  This was one of those contests where you could earn extra entries by tweeting (I started a Twitter account just for this purpose), voting for Living Montessori Now on Picket Fence, naming an Alison’s product you would like, etc.  I daily took advantage of as many of those options as I could.  I felt kind of silly doing it EVERY day.  I mean, I NEVER win these things, so I should be doing more productive things!

But I won!!!  The first thing I saw when I pulled up e-mail this morning was a CONGRATULATIONS e-mail from Deb Chitwood, the face behind Living Montessori Now.  I will soon be the proud owner of that gorgeous Geometric Cabinet!!!  WOO-HOOO!!!!!!!!!  🙂

I’ll post pics of Drama Queen working with it after it arrives!  I told her about it over breakfast this morning, and she’s almost as excited as me!

I’m rather giddy this morning.  Can you tell?  😉

3 thoughts on “I WON!!!!!!

  1. What a sweet post, Jenny, and thanks for the link! I’m SO IMPRESSED with the prizes Alison’s Montessori gave in the giveaway! I just got an email from Alison’s Montessori saying all the prizes will be shipped out today. I’ll look forward to seeing the pictures of Drama Queen working with your new geometric cabinet! 🙂

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