Just to make sure you don’t think I have it all together…

First thing this morning, I went to investigate a strange sound.  (It turned out to be a newly closed vent in the living room.)  I went upstairs to see if it was something up there.  In the hallway, I could tell someone had made full use of the potty already.  So imagine my surprise to walk in the bathroom to see one potty with urine and one empty.  I headed into Mr. BANG’s room.  I saw one clump on the floor.  This is a boy who, since he started sitting on the potty at 9 months old, has had maybe ten dirty diapers in all the time since.

I immediately ran downstairs, told Mr. BANG to put down his camera, and rushed him to the sink to wash hands.  All ten fingernails were completely brown.  He washed, I washed him, then I left him washing more as I ran up to get the fingernail brush from their bath toys.

Once fingernails were clear, I led him to the potty.  When I took off the diaper and started doing a basic clean-up, he started crying – apparently it had caused a rash.

When I got him clean and on the potty, I went up to clean/empty his room.  There were no smears, but at least 15 clumps.  I now have piles in the laundry room and a large plastic bag of toys in the kitchen, waiting to be cleaned.  I’ve disinfected the stair railing and Roomba is working on the hallway, making his way to Mr. BANG’s room.

Drama Queen, of course, the whole time is wanting me to be fully involved in playing Santa.  I have let them watch some of the classic Christmas cartoons for the first time this year, like “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”  In previous Christmases, I’ve just exposed them to Christmas things that centered on Jesus, so she loved acting out the Nativity and pretending to be baby Jesus.  Now it’s all about me being Santa and her being an elf.

I go downstairs to check on Mr. BANG.  He’s still on the potty, but has ripped his new Thomas book from Katie to shreds.  He wails as he watches me put every piece in the trash.

I go to sit them down in front of the t.v., and buy “Charlie Brown’s Christmas” on Amazon streaming for them to watch and leave me alone to cool down.  I purchased it on my computer; it apparently only shows up on the t.v. if it was purchased on The Brain’s computer.  I decide to pay $20 for the movie and buy it on The Brain’s computer (it’s $10 to buy it once).  I can’t find his wireless keyboard.

They’re now watching Rudolph, one of the ones I don’t want them watching anymore.  (Disclaimer:  no, it’s not a bad movie.  It’s very cute and I loved it as a kid.  I just want them geared back toward focusing on Jesus as the reason for and purpose of Christmas.)

Roomba just fussed at me that he’s hanging off the stairs.  I thought he was supposed to be built to avoid those.

We haven’t had breakfast yet.

I’m thinking I am not in an emotional state to handle the kids in preschool today.  I don’t know what we’re doing instead.  Maybe let them watch bad-for-them movies all day.

Other than that, it’s a fabulous day.

13 thoughts on “Just to make sure you don’t think I have it all together…

  1. totally let them watch movies all day… it is okay… it is okay… it is okay…
    some days are movie days, all day!


  2. lol! Allow me to share with you my poop story from yesterday. So, after lunch at our homeschool co-op, Noah and Micah take a preschool tumbling class, while I teach a high school writing class. About 5 or 10 minutes into class, the co-op director comes into my room telling me she needs me in the tumbling class. Apparently, Micah pooped his pants, and left a trail all over the mats and floor, and they were getting smushed in! (They needed me because if a child is potty-trained, only the parents can change their pants.) So, in a 10-minute span of time, I switch gears from editing a personality profile, to changing poopy pants, to editing a personality profile again. Ah, the life of a homeschool mom! Oh, and last night while I was talking to Micah about the incident, he said, “It was Lynzi’s poop.” Which totally reminded me of your grade scchool story of peeing your pants and blaming the kid behind you! haha!

    • Ivy, you’re not supposed to share my grade school secrets with the world!! lol I actually had totally forgotten about that!

      Sounds like Micah made an award-winning poo mess! You just had to clean up him and not all the mats and floor? Score one for you! 🙂

      • haha! I knew you would appreciate that! I had forgotten too, until Micah blamed it on his classmate! Yes, the janitor was already scrubbing the carpet, and there were little paper towell bits placed sporadically on the mats, by the time I got up there. 🙂

  3. Boy, can I relate to this one! Abel decided that he was willing to be potty trained a year-and-a-half ago… All except for the solid part. We have had poop in places I’d rather not recall. I am beyond glad that he finally decided to finish potty training a couple of weeks ago! Thanks for sharing the terrible experiences, so we can all feel human. 🙂

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  5. Ugh, I feel for you,, Marianne! Drama Queen would regularly smear it all over her room! It was horrible! One time, right as I entered Drama Queen’s room after a nap and realized it was literally on every item in her room, including walls and the door, the doorbell rang. It was my MIL arriving for a visit. That wasn’t stressful. Not at all. :-/
    So…HURRAY to Abel for learning how to control that part of his body!!

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