Living in the Real World

Do you ever feel like you were born into the wrong time period?  I totally do.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being able to wear blue jeans every day, and I really would not want to trade that for long, heavy dresses and corsets.  And I’m all about having a shower with hot water and a washing machine that takes care of my kids urine-soaked and paint-splattered clothes.  BUT…this whole virtual world thing, where we keep in touch with everyone we’ve ever known by means of very shallow interactions through a flat screen and some buttons that we push to express our words…that’s not what I want.  We even try to express our emotions through those same buttons.  🙂     😦     :*-(     :-/     😛     😉

Even the people around us, who we see casually on a regular basis, are also virtual friends.  We run into someone while picking up a new jar of natural peanut butter, and suddenly have to race through mental images of facebook screens:  “She just said something important on fb, what was it?!”  Or we get moderately irritated because we have to explain something to a fellow facebooker that we already explained on facebook.

It seems like we don’t even expect to develop deep relationships where we really share our lives with each other.  We’re too busy keeping up with everyone to focus on a few real relationships with people currently surrounding us.

I think I would fit much better in a time period when the people in your life were the people who lived right there with you.  I love the idea of being fully present with the people in my own community.  Right now, I can see out the window to my neighbor’s house.  We’ve been to their house and they’ve been to ours, and we talk in the yard sometimes, but you know where the majority of our interaction is?  Facebook.  How strange!

I also don’t fit in a world with all this crazy computer technology stuff.  Albeit, my house, clothes, and food are provided by that crazy computer technology stuff because my husband’s job involves him typing stuff into a computer in languages I could never dream to comprehend.  But all these things like iPhones, iPads, Nooks…is there something called a Nano?  Oh, I just don’t get all those!  I’m only 33, but I’m such an old grandma when it comes to those things.  Actually, that’s not fair to say – my 70 year MIL is more up-to-date on these things than I am.  The Brain from time to time offers to buy me some new something-or-other for birthday or Christmas.  I pretty much always turn him down.  I don’t need some expensive gadget that I don’t even understand!

So, really, all of that is to explain part of the reason this blog has been silent for the last month.  I spent a mainly-computer-free week at my parents’ house between Christmas and New Year’s.  It was wonderful!  When I got back home, I did of course make use of the computer some, but I just haven’t had that same desire to reach out to that world of people that exist beyond my screen somewhere.  It is so much nicer to be available to play games and read books with my little active, imaginative munchkins.  Our homeschool preschool has been better this month than it ever has been, because I’ve been more invested in it.  We have been having SUCH a great preschool experience!

I got to have another completely computer-free experience for most of this week.  We spent the time at my dear friend’s house, and it was such a refreshing blessing.  She and her husband have five children under the age of 8, and they are the most incredible kids I have ever had the opportunity to know.  Normally with that many young children (my two were also thrown in the mix, of course) there’s a fair amount of chaos and loudness and resulting headaches.  Not with this crew.  Not at all.  They have a fabulous time playing together, but somehow manage to do so without getting out of control.  There are many reasons for that, of course, but I think two main aspects of it are that their mom is fully present (she’s not half-listening/half-computering), and that t.v. is, for the most part, not a part of the kids’ daily lives.  They fully live in the present.  Now, they do have their own detailed imaginary world that all four of the older ones play together, but it’s from their imaginations!  There is no virtual world for them, other than the imaginary one they themselves create with their own minds, and they pull visiting friends right into that one.  They don’t copy inappropriate phrases or actions from t.v. or movie characters.  They are fully themselves, confident in their own thoughts and opinions, and respectful of the opinions and desires of others.  I truly love being around these kids!

So what does this have to do with anything?  I don’t know.  I’m rambling-typing on a computer instead of taking care of some personal e-mails that are waiting for responses.  I could just call those people.  But I’ll stick with the virtual interactions for now.

I did pull up the blog today specifically for a Montessori/Mason compare and contrast post, based on some reading I’ve been doing.  I don’t seem to have made it to that.  (shrug) I’ll get to it sometime.  You know, Montessori and Mason both lived prior to t.v. and computers.  Maybe that’s why I like them.  🙂

Disclaimer:  This whole post may be a result of reading the Little House books way too many times over the past few months.  I want to be in that family.  Although, I’d probably be Mary, who is significantly less cool than Laura.

Disclaimer #2:  I actually wrote this a week or two ago, whenever it was that I got home from Corrie’s house.  I’m a bit slow in posting.

Disclaimer #3:  I kinda feel like I should put some pics on the blog to make it a little more visually appealing.   But…I think I won’t bother with that.  Sorry.  Again, I’m Mary, the boring one.

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