The Secret Is Out

I’m not good at keeping the “I have a fun surprise for you” type of secrets.  If I’m excited about something, it’s really hard for me to contain that excitement!  Thankfully, my children were able to hear a good amount of related conversation between The Brain and myself and not put it all together and figure out that we were making plans for a playset to be built in the back yard.

Today, however, they got to join in the excitement themselves.  The builder arrived half an hour early, which ended up making The Great Reveal even better.  When Drama Queen and Mr. BANG woke up and came downstairs, The Brain and I told them we had set up a scavenger hunt for them.  We explained that they would find one item that would be completely out of place.  That item itself would be a clue for a big surprise we had in store for them.

Almost immediately – before Mr. BANG even started looking – Drama Queen found this:

A swingset and slide made from Bendaroos, hidden under the love seat by the back windows of the house.

They started guessing that they were getting new dolls, or that there was a new playground in the playroom.  Not quite…

We led them to think about where a playset would be.  Once they finally guessed “in the back yard,” we pulled up the window shades.  There was Shane and his assistant, already in process of building a playset.  Perfection!

During the two hours of construction, the kids frequently watched out the window and once went outside to watch.  (They had a better view from the window!)


After the truck drove away to fulfill a dream for the next family, outside we ran.  Drama Queen immediately immersed herself in new Peter Pan games.


Mr. BANG tried out the glider horse for a few minutes…then spent the next 45 minutes digging in dirt.  When you’re three years old, pretty much nothing compares to God’s greatest toy: dirt!


The hard-to-keep surprise was definitely a hit.  And now my backyard looks the way I’ve envisioned since we moved in nearly two years ago!


*If you live in TN, GA, KY, or AL, and you’re looking for a great, wooden playset, I highly recommend Hop’s Fun Factory!

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